Borrow the name from the Italian language. If you have nine people or less (and in groups, rarely more than six participants), let the first names will be composed of the Italian words for members. Here are the words: two a duet, three a trio or tertset, four a Quartet, five a quintet, six a sextet, seven a septet, eight – octet, nine – a nonet. It is sufficient to use not all the word, and the part with the root.
In the second part, use the name of the style in which the play or a shared hobby not related to music, for example: "Kvart-anime", "Quintet named Tolkien" or similar. The humor in such cases is appropriate, but use it less – after all it is your name, it should be clear to many, not just the elite.
Remember, what you have, for example, geographical location. Members of the group do not always live in the same city, but if you are lucky, it is a sin not to take advantage. About on this principle called "virtuosos of Moscow"; you can also use the name of his native city.
Use other factors that unites you: a love of a certain animal, training in a specific institution or level of education, ideals in music and in life. The theme songs are better to be put aside, because over time, the current problems will cease to be of interest to you, and to change the name would be impossible.
Think of a few names. If you're able to choose one yourself then deselect unnecessary in three stages: first, leave 10% of the original names, then select only one option and use it. If not, use the draw: write all names on identical slips of paper, put them in a packet, mix. Remove the first and use as the name of his gang.