Avoid complex names. Practice shows that in everyday speech people rarely use long words, trying to replace their cuts. Therefore, the name of the group is beneficial to create a concise and easily pronounced, like Queen, Muse, the "spleen". Please note that long names are almost always less Limp Bizkit often referred to simply as "Limps", Oxxxymiron has been reduced to a brief "Oxy", and even Grigory Leps is mentioned mostly by name.
Find the common ground. The group is always a team, and therefore the name must fully satisfy all participants. Try to find the total between the two of you: Hobbies, favorite artists, or the interest of some historical era. Similar interests will narrow the circle of finding a suitable name.
Arrange brainstorming, going through all the associations connected with the General interest. It can be well-known characters or personalities ("Mumiy Troll", "Agatha Christie"); phenomena and state ("Movie", Nirvana); standard idioms ("25-th frame").
Experiment with neologisms. If the matching of words and phrases hadn't been invented yet – create their own, as, for example, System of a Down or Radiohead. Try title to create bright, memorable and unusual way; feel free to use paradoxes and prevent "sour salt" (Animal Jazz).
"Check" foreign languages. The title to "non-native" have a big advantage – the sound is placed above meaning. Thus, the nickname "Sage" is much more profitable for the student to submit in English or in French: Le Sage or WiseMan. Furthermore, foreign languages open a wide space for the play of words: for example "factorial" easy to beat as FuckToReal.
Complicate the spelling of the name, in order to put it in an unusual way. Did the above mentioned Animal Jazz, by The CHEMODAN and many other artists. The practical use of such is not much change, but often correct the complication allows you to make writing aesthetically more pleasing.