Complete a study on the dolorimeter. Scientists have invented this wonderful device especially for measuring the pain threshold of the person. The study is conducted on the most delicate area of the skin, usually between toes or hands. The patient is exposed to electric current or high temperature. To burn with a hot iron and beat you to a strong level, of course, no one will, but some discomfort you may be experiencing. This device measures the magnitude of the impact at which you begin to feel the pain, then the boundary within which you are able to endure. After completing research on the dolorimeter specialist can with certain accuracy to refer you to one of four groups of sensitivity to pain. Unfortunately, algesimetry – a rarity. And if you want to be examined for this device, you need to work hard, just to find the clinic where he is.
The threshold of pain for everybody. That's why it's important to be able to determine how exactly you susceptible to pain. Please refer to their memories. Some children start crying for no reason, while others fall, flicking stones with skinned knees, and continue to run, not even a squeak. Analyze their attitude to physical and mental pain and try to classify themselves into one of four susceptibility groups pain (very low pain threshold, low, medium and high).
Make allowances for your condition. Scientists have proved that at different times of day, under the influence of different emotions, and depending on the condition of the body pain threshold of one and the same person can vary greatly. So, if you're in love, shouldn't be measuring their own pain tolerance, because your body is influenced by hormones of happiness – endorphins. The pain threshold in this condition is significantly increased. But if you have depression or are you feeling sick, pain sensitivity rather increases, and one can experience a rather unpleasant sensation due to the fact that in ordinary life, never caused even tickling.