Prepare informative, interesting-to-read information from different spheres of life. It can be articles, examples, comparisons, facts, etc. the reporting Form does not matter, but it would be good to use video. Make sure that the information has been written or presented to a human readable language, his intellectual level.
Publish the found materials on the sites or services, where it is studied. It is important to make it feel comfortable and was an active participant. The ideal option is to place the data on the forum or similar website where participants can share opinions.
Please note that reacts. Some information it will not affect, but about something he wants to talk.
Find and publish controversial character on the person is interested in the topic identified in the third step. Will fit someone's harsh judgment that is different from the usual. Well, if you unfold the discussion. You can do it to provoke.
Secure an emotional response. When people start to argue, sometimes I lose control. Exposed weakness of character are visible the principles and beliefs which in normal circumstances are carefully hidden from others. The method of simple observation you can learn a lot about a person.
Use another method of detection of weaknesses — the principle of "a friend is known in trouble." Model the situation when other people are close to the test in the weak, defenseless condition, in need. The reaction will show whether a person wants to assert themselves, to step back or to help.
Think of the test of poverty and wealth, the ability to take someone else's, etc.