Most often the person experiences physical pain, that's the story (hit the corner of the table, dropped) or he accidentally "hurt" people, unwittingly (stepped on the foot of the metro). In this case, it is necessary to forget about the aggression and try to switch the attention. For example, mentally repeat the tongue Twister, if you are asked to tell it in the shortest possible time or remember the poem, as if rehearsing before going on stage. These thinking processes will distract your attention from adverse incidents, and the feeling of pain is rather dull.
To overcome the pain of stepping on hot coals, will help absolute confidence. In fact, the human body is designed so that the skin of his feet takes any temperature at which it comes in contact — whether cooling or fire, and a few moments of holding this balance, not allowing to let this temperature. Therefore, a yogi walking on hot coals to slowly, slowly, enjoying each step. He's confident and knows what temperature the skin will not have time to spread to other organs. Therefore, you should know exactly what you nothing can hurt, if you do not want.
Also, we should not think, stepping on the glass, that you acolytes. This thought paralyses your will, and you will become vulnerable to a sharp object.
Worse physical pain can only be mental. She is delayed and slower, and the person becomes more aggressive. In this case, to overcome the pain, will help a sincere forgiveness. Forgive the offender of his act, and get some noble cause that delivers you joy. This can be create a new project, renovation, charity, etc. Get prominent place all the things, reminiscent of your abuser. Take on more diverse cases and the hassle and the time will go faster, and you will discover new facets of your talent!