You will need
  • syringes, cotton wool, disinfectant, medicines, bandages, scissors.
First of all, the owners of the Pets should be able to recognize poor health of a pet and be able to give him medicine on time. Sometimes, with especially severe diseases it is necessary to put the dog on a drip. Of course, the first time the drip should put veterinarian. But if the dog needs multiple infusions, you will have to do it yourself.
последствия плечевого вывиха у собак
In a veterinary clinic the dog will have an IV catheter and bandage the paw. Carefully note the instructions of the doctor and prescribed medicine, as well as the order and speed of their introduction. Home at a certain time you have to put the dropper to your dog. Prepare everything for the procedure.
чем лечить суставы собаке
A organize place of the procedure for your dog. She wants to be comfortable and warm. Secure the bottle with the solution for the drip . Hang the tube down. Wash your hands with soap and water. Place the dog on the Mat, gently talk to her, razbitaya paw with the catheter.
как вылечить рану на лапе у собаки
Disinfect the catheter, aspirate from the cannula of the catheter with syringe possible blood clot – a blood clot.
Wiping the rubber cap of the vial for a solution, enter it in the needle from a dropper until it stops. Next insert the air needle, take off her cap.
как поставить капельницу коту видео
Squeeze and open your dropper until then, until it is filled about one-third. Wheel clamp, lift up until it stops, so the liquid entered the system. Ensure that the system was not air.
препараты для лечения гастрита у собак
Close the wheel by the flow of solution and connect the IV to the catheter on the paw of the dog. Slide the wheel and adjust the speed of the drip (1-2 drops per second). Enter into the rubber top of the solution necessary medicines using prepared syringes.
Usually on a drip the dog sleeps. Do not leave it unattended. The dog can pull and disconnect the IV. After the procedure, pinch off the IV wheel, disconnect it from the catheter. Enter into the catheter with heparin and close with a sterile cap. Tightly bandage the dog's paw.