You will need
  • - Hop cones;
  • - cinquefoil;
  • - oak bark;
  • - disposable syringe;
  • - cotton diapers;
  • - warmer;
  • - "Baytril";
  • "Baycox";
  • - saline.
Identifying diarrhea in the rabbit, immediately remove from the cells. Leave only water and hay.
построить 2 х местную клетку
Thoroughly wash the ass of the rabbit and dry not hot air from a hair dryer. It is necessary that the rabbit was able to infect himself, licking the anus.
как сделать клетку для кролей
Wash the cage at the bottom lay a clean cotton cloth. Stock up on replacement wipes and change them as often as possible. This will allow to preserve the purity of not only the cage but my rabbit's foot.
как определить пол кролика
Buy in the drugstore, dry grass Potentilla and brew a tablespoon in one Cup of boiling water. When the broth has cooled, pour the rabbit in your mouth 1 teaspoon. Use a disposable syringe without a needle, so that the animal received the entire amount of medication.
как различать крола от крольчихи
Brew Apothecary chamomile. Let the rabbit light yellow decoction three times a day a tablespoon. Do this also with a syringe. Treatment chamomile should continue for 10 days to completely treat the intestines. Even if the diarrhea has passed one day, the treatment must not be interrupted.
как разлечить кроликов по полу
If no tormentil, chamomile, and the diarrhea started the night, dissolve in water ¼ activated charcoal tablets. Then promote decoction of chamomile for 10 days under the scheme.
The rabbit froze, provide a heated cell, or put it inside a bottle of hot water.
If diarrhea does not stop for one or two days, possible occurrence of dehydration. In this case, forcibly pour the rabbit in his mouth water. Add to the drinking water a little of the decoction of tormentil, or of oak bark (about 1 teaspoon of broth per Cup of water).
Buy veterinary pharmacy "Baytril". For a rabbit weighing 2 kg dilute 0.2 ml of the antibiotic in 1 ml saline solution. Inject the medication subcutaneously and the area of the withers. Pull the skin with your fingers, insert the needle and slowly inject the medicine. Ask someone to hold the animal during injection. It is best to take a little insulin syringe. Put the shots three times a day.
After diarrhea ends, the gastrointestinal tract of the rabbit is weakened and susceptible to various bacterial infections. Buy veterinary pharmacy "Baycox". Dilute a teaspoon of the drug in a liter of water for four days instead of drinking water. Pour the solution directly into the bowl, it retains its activity for 48 hours.
From time to time prevention of worms, as worms can also be the cause of diarrheaand the rabbit.