You will need
  • - tubes, profiles and angles;
  • - welding machine;
  • - components and assemblies from mopeds and motorcycles;
  • - additional equipment.
On a sheet of paper make a drawing or sketch of the future of ATV. Consider which items you will do yourself and which you will buy. In the drawing, try as much as possible validly to draw the relative placement of all components and assemblies and reassemble.
The frame of the ATV weld from square profile pipes of circular cross-section and corners. If possible, try to use the elements and fragments of frames of motorcycles, their tubes have a high strength. Water pipes do not use. Don't forget to weld the mounting brackets all components and assemblies.
The engine install and securely mount to the frame. For the first homemade ATV pick up the engine from a moped. The motor shaft connect to gear the rear axle by means of a chain transmission. Controls power unit install on the steering wheel. On the frame attach pedals and control levers.
The power supply system and ignition use the same moped engine. To further equip their reasonable modifications. Fuel tank select a motorcycle, as many things as possible. The ignition system is mandatory to equip the battery.
As front and rear axle will fit units from sidecars and cargo scooters. They almost require no rework, except for the hubs for the new wheels. For the manufacture of suspension shock absorbers use a spring from a Japanese scooter.
The steering is run using two rods, which would rotate the front wheels. Brake lever pull rod, connect with the transmission brake, a staff mounted on the sprocket of the rear axle "Tula 200".
The outer panels of the ATV manufacture of an optical fiber. First of all, make a wooden or clay discs, and then they vilate panel. Before installing them on the bike adjust them to each other, sand and paint. Individual parts of the body take from the production machines.