You will need
  • metal chetyrehkilometrovoy plate;
  • - nut;
  • - metal strips;
  • - rubber hose;
  • - spring;
  • - carb;
  • - tool kit.
Of the metal plate make an exact copy of the bottom of the carb. Then cut the threads, screw it on the nut, and then weld those nuts to the plate. At the ends of the elliptical plate make a hole in which the insert metal strips (thickness of each – one mm), and weld them.
After welding make sure to align the plane, where it will be screwed to the carburetor. Then try the carb. After that metal box saw through the groove (it is designed to lever accelerator pump).
The pipes leave the home. For heads you need to cut the washer with holes in which to insert the bent tube a rectangle and all items are carefully weld.
To ensure a smooth transition from large diameter (normal pipe) to the smaller (diameter of head), use a rubber hose, secure it with clamps. Box connect with gear box, fixing it with three screws MB. The caps of these screws should be securely, preventing eversion of the metal plate.
Run the upgrade carb: namely, replace the part to which attached was a cable leak (install in its place the wider part). Then tighten up the bolt, which is attached to the sector by drilling in the axis of the hole. On the same pin, put the spring and the bushing and the washer.
The air filter housing soldered using conventional solder. Slightly shorten the studs the carb and then screw the pot with the nipples from the spokes of the motorcycle "Ural". On the housing, solder the four l-shaped plates (they will be wearing a filter).
To all the improved design got into its designated place neatly sawed the bottom of the frame tube. Then assemble the carburetor.