Select the cause of failure and define the scope of work. Select a place to repair vehicles, for example, garage box. Securely support the motorcycle so that he fell and caused injury.
Read the user manual of the model, examine the benchmarks of all measuring instruments and prepare spare parts that are subject to planned replacement.
Ensure the safety of the planned activities, wear protective goggles, gloves and overalls of flame-retardant fabric.
Disconnect the fuel tank and place it in a safe place to avoid fire situation.
Prepare all the tools that may be needed in the maintenance process.
Then carefully inspect all parts and assemblies of bike. Pay close attention to all important details. If necessary, disassemble the required parts and place them on a segment of the expanded canvas. Don't lose parts washers, bolts and nuts.
Every time check the insulation of electrical equipment and the tightness of the pipelines. Possibly produce work with a partner who will always be able to insure, or to monitor some points.
Clean the supply channels of fuel and air. Mount the dismantled parts back.
Securely tighten the knots so they do not come loose due to vibration. After Assembly, check the functional ability of the motorcycle.
Periodically preventing your machine with required frequency change oil, spare parts and service facilities.
Then the breakdown at the most inopportune moment will happen less. In very serious cases, contact a specialized center on servicing of motorcycles of this model, providing the guarantee and the qualified recovery of your "iron horse".