You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - certificate of Social individual code (SIK);
  • - birth certificates of children (for mothers).
Determine if you are eligible for a pension. In Kazakhstan the full retirement pension are getting men on reaching 63 years of age with working experience of at least 25 years, women - 58 years (with five or more children - 53 years), spent at least 20 years. With less experience you can count on making a partial old-age pension.
Prepare the necessary documents. Order your certificate at the passport office or an extract from the house register about the place of residence. Also, if your workbook is listed, not all jobs, get in city or regional archive certificate unspecified experience. There should be information about your employer, position and period of work.
The work will receive an income statement. It must be for any of the three years from 1995 until retirement. If you have worked as a private entrepreneur, obtain an income certificate for the same three years in the Tax office at the place of registration of an entrepreneur. Also order in the personnel Department certified true copy of employment record or give her, if you do not work.
Make photocopies of all documents. If necessary, also open a Bank account and prepare the paper with his details.
With the originals and copies come to the State center for pension payments (SCPP). Its coordinates can be found in various reference books or on the official website of the centre. They take the employee application and fill it out. Present the originals and copies along with the application tell the employee of the center.
After submitting all the documents the pension you will accrue on your account.