Contact the State Pension Fund or other entity performing its functions and exercising manipulation with your pension. Bring a passport, a certificate of insurance and a statement from the savings Bank with the number of your checking account. To find the addresses and phone numbers of the State pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the site
The pension institution contact the person responsible for the paperwork for payment. Explain to him exactly what you need. He will ask you to write a statement. Specify the name, surname, patronymic, region and address of residence, passport data, date of retirement and new account.
Give the statement a statement from the savings Bank, copies of passport and insurance certificate to the employee. It will give new data to the Department responsible for the transfer of money on books and plastic cards.
To transfer a pension from one savings account to another, contact the Bank branch where he was decorated with one of the documents. Present your passport. The operator will ask you to write a statement about the transfer of funds from one current account to another. Enter in the desired row surname, name, patronymic, passport details and account number to which you want to send the funds. It will take some time - from four weeks to two months, as your application along with a copy of the Bank book is sent to another Bank which account the money. After authentication, the operation will be performed.
If a passbook is issued in one division of savings Bank to make the transfer easy. Give the window a passport, savings book and write the application for transfer of pension from one account to another. The operation will be performed in the period from one day up to six weeks.