You will need
  • - the current minimum pension across the country;
  • data on regional surcharges to pensions at your place of residence, if applicable;
  • - details of the surcharge to future pension at the expense of the co-financing program if you are involved in it;
  • - retirement calculator private pension Fund, if you participate in any program.
Start from the minimum pension in the country. Annual mandatory contributions that you make to the extrabudgetary funds, including pension, will guarantee you receive exactly this amount. As it will be by the time you reach retirement age, impossible to predict. We only know that by 2014 it will increase to 14 thousand rubles. per month. But we can assume that what it amounted to, its purchasing power will be small.
Add to the amount of the minimum pension regional Supplement, if any, are paid in your area (it can afford few subjects of the Russian Federation). For example, in Moscow by the allowances from the local budget the minimum pension, on average, 20 percent more than the national average. Note that if you are registered in one region and live and operate in another, to your event applicable provincial pension legislation, where you are registered at the place of residence.
Increase the amount of the future pension of about 1 thousand rubles a month, if you participate in the programme of state co-financing and intend to transfer to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on 12 thousand rubles. annually for 10 years.
Ask for help in the accurate calculation to the nearest territorial office of the Pension Fund if you plan to make on the programme of co-financing is greater than or less than the amount specified in step 3. Note that the minimum contribution amount is 2 thousand rubles per year, the maximum is not limited. However, if you make from 2 thousand to 12 thousand rubles per year, the state puts in your retirement account, exactly the same as listed on the program of co-financing for the year you. If made more than 12 thousand rubles per year, the state will still only add 12 thousand rubles.
Use the pension calculator on the website of the non-state pension Fund, which consist in contractual relations, to calculate the copayment amount to their future pension based on the contributions which do monthly to this Fund. Retirement calculators on the websites of many pension funds allow you to calculate the size of future pensions of all Russian future pensioners, including individual entrepreneurs. However, note that the final amount can only be approximate: in the time before your exit to retirement applicable law may not again change, and from the yield state and non-state pension funds with your contribution is based on averages.