You will need
  • -passport and copy
  • -work book and copy
  • -military ID and a copy
  • -information about your account
  • -application on a special form
  • -birth certificate of the child
  • -a certificate from place of study child
  • -a certificate of dependents
  • -insurance certificate of the child and its copy
  • -may need other documents
Provide passport and copy of all passport pages.
A workbook and a copy of all pages of labor book.
The insurance pension certificate and its copy.
Military ID and a copy of pages 1, 3, 8.
If you want to transfer a pension into a savings book or on a plastic card, then provide the information on payment documents for the transfer of their pension. If information about the transfer of pension is not submitted, you will bring home.
You must submit a certificate of salary for 60 months to 01.01.2000 31.12.2001 year on year. If during this period of time work was performed, for the calculation of pensions taking data for 2000-2001.
Marriage certificate and its copy.
Birth certificate of the child and a copy to confirm the period of leave to care for a child.
A certificate of studies of the child, if he is a student and enrolled full-time.
The insurance certificate and its copy on the child.
A certificate from the housing Committee, if you have minor children and adults residing on your dependents.
If you have worked through institution employment record, please provide a certificate certified by the administration of the organization.
Copies of these documents to assure is not necessary. They just need to bring along with the originals.
The form for application for pension you can take in the pension Fund in advance and fill it out at home.
If you are told to bring additional documents, then collect them and submit must, within 3 months after the first treatment. If during this period you will not imagine that retirement will be scheduled in the available documents.
It is better to contact the pension Fund in advance for a few months before the birthday to the staff of the Fund have been checked your work periods and, if necessary, request additional documents.
When calculating the amount of pension taken as a basis in 2000-2001 or any 5 years of employment.
If you submit documents in advance, then the pension will accrue and will be paid directly after reaching retirement age.