When moving to a permanent residence in another locality pensioners inevitably there is the problem connected with necessity of transfer of a pension. Automatically the transfer is not performed, so it requires action from the recipient of the social benefits. The implementation of this procedure is enshrined in a special explanation, which gave the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The above explanation applies to all cases of transfer of a pension, regardless of specific region or locality, which moves pensioner.

What to do the pensioner for transfer of a pension?

Pensioner for transfer of a pension should write a statement in Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Immediately after moving to visit the office in the new place of residence with the passport and documents confirming registration at a particular address in the locality (the region). In the Department of citizen provide a special statement to populate, after which all the steps to make a transfer authorised officers. Note that when filling out said application, the pensioner can choose the method of delivery of pension payments, which is acceptable. If the pensioner is a citizen of the Russian Federation, it may not provide information about how to register at a new address, as pension, such persons can be transferred even in the place of actual residence. It is sufficient to specify the new address when completing the application.

What happens after I submit my application?

After filling in the application at the new location, an official from the Pension Fund office sends the electronic request to transfer the pension business of the citizen. The specified request is received by the branch, which was responsible for issuing the pension of the person prior to his move. On the basis of said requested transfer of pension cases in which it is placed on record in the office of the Pension Fund, where did the appeal. After the registration of the pension to citizen will be at the new place of residence, and for the transfer of funds will be used the way that the pensioner has indicated when filling out the application. Note that the transfer of the pension business and the transfer of a pension is the right of every citizen, therefore, the authorized body is obliged to perform the described actions on the basis of submitted application.