Make entries in the labor book on the basis of the Law "On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Record date of signing the employment contract, termination, termination, transfer, promotion and awards entered in Arabic numerals. The day and month specify a two-digit number, and year is four digits. Date must comply with the act, the orders, instructions and other employer actions in terms of the employment relationship with the employee.
Write on the first page of the work book of the worker information. Sign the record company seal, signed by the employer and the employee. Surname, name, patronymic and date of birth are indicated on the basis of identity documents. Specify the education, profession and occupation of the employee according to supporting documents.
Complete the section "Information about work". In column 1 enter the serial number of the record. In column 2 fill in the date of employment or other fact of labor relations. In column 3 note for information about working under an employment contract, the full name of the employer and of legislation on the basis of which produced the labour action. In column 4, indicate the basis of entry - the number of the act of the employer and its date. The record of the employee's position is specified in accordance with the staffing company.
Complete the section "Information about the rewards and promotions" in that case, if the employee has received a state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the honorary title, the reward for success in work. Promotion shall be applied by the employer to the employee on the basis of the Law "On labour" and are determined by the employment contract and the act of enterprise.
Avoid strikethrough of the existing records of the employment record. Correcting incorrect or inaccurate entry is made to employers through the appropriate additional records.
Assure all entries in the labor book with the seal and signature of the employer. Keep books in the enterprise during the term of the employment agreement. Return to the worker in day of dismissal the labor book with a corresponding entry in a book of registries of personnel.