You will need
  • - passport;
  • - pension certificate.
To put the pension on a plastic card, go to the nearest Bank. Please bring your passport and pension certificate. Write the corresponding statement, a sample of which will give you.
Typically, the map is done within 2-3 weeks. Therefore, in the specified Bank employee a deadline again come to the Bank and get your card. In addition to the card will receive a package of documents that specify all the Bank details and a personal password (pin). Pin-code memorize or write down. These important four digits you have to dial each time you use a credit card. In addition, it is a guarantee of your safety, do not disclose the combination to other people.
With a ready credit card, rather, with its details, passport and pension certificate go to pension Fund branch in a residence. On the proposed specialist sample write statement, which specify the Bank details and your account number, which will later be transferred to a pension. Write the statement in two copies, one of which will stay with you. Ask the employee pension Fund to do on your instance indicates that you have the documents taken. This will guarantee that your application will not be lost, and the retirement of the enumeration in a timely manner will be credited to the account.