You will need
  • - passport of Ukraine,
  • - a work book
  • - information on wages for 5 years in a row
  • - documents on education,
  • - data on children, including adults
  • - information about dependents
  • - data on state ranks and awards,
  • data about the presence of disability.
In order to receive a pension at a certain age, for more than thirty days before its occurrence needs to be submitted the entire list of necessary papers in a special body – the Pension Fund.
To prepare all necessary documentation for registration of the pension rests with the organization in which currently employed by future retirees. If the retiree in this period not working, this duty goes directly to the Pension Fund at the place of registration of the applicant. However, the responsibilities of the organization in which employed people and soon will receive a pension, to a greater extent are uncertain.
Exactly given this, the task of collecting all of the necessary documents lies with the future pensioner. In total there are nine documents. Primarily, the Pension Fund should apply for a pension. This statement must be attached photocopy of the passport of Ukrainian citizen and identification code. If a future pensioner has children, need to provide their birth certificate. After that, the relevant documents confirming the seniority of the applicant. This, of course, employment history. However, in some situations, you might need a diploma of graduation.
In that case, if the person is drawing a pension, he worked until the first of January 2000, he will need more and proof of his income. That is, the wage which he received before this date, and in what place.
It may be happening so that the organization, which worked as a future retiree, is reorganized. Then, in this case, the certificate should be issued by the successor. If the company is completely liquidated, the income statement need to contact the state archival organization. Since the beginning of January 2000 was launched a personalized account, which the Pension Fund over a certain period takes extract data from their sources.
For the purpose of receiving allowances for retirement should not forget about the certificate of the participant of the second world war, which need to provide with the documents. If the applicant has a disability, he will require a medical certificate confirming his disability. In addition, the need and documents that show the recognition of the pensioner war veteran, and his labor services to the country.