When the employment housing, usually provided by large enterprises, plants and factories. Please contact the personnel Department with a statement that you need housing, and you will be given the right to stay in the hostel. Of course, this is not the best option, especially for families with children, but is often simply no other way. In the future room you can sometimes buy. If you are a valuable professional, for example, a top Manager, the company can provide you with an apartment or to pay rent.
By law, the apartment must provide the soldier-the contract employee or police officer. However, in practice you just put on the waiting list for apartments, and when you get the keys, nobody knows. But still you can provide office accommodation for temporary use while you are in the service.
Another way to obtain office accommodation – arrange to work as a janitor. In many cities, particularly in St. Petersburg you have to give the apartment with the possibility of subsequent purchase.
The apartment have a educators. However, you have to work at least three years teacher or a kindergarten teacher to get in line for housing, and when you become full owner, no you definitely can not say.
Extreme option – to get to work on the construction site. Workers often live in a construction trailer with a very relative comfort, but it is still a roof over my head.
If you are young and want to move to a larger city, go to school. And vocational schools, and large universities have residence halls, which occupy nonresident students.
So, opportunities in law quite a lot, but not all of them can be implemented in practice. So if you plan to move, you only rely on their own strength. Before moving earn money not less than three months stay, given the cost of food, transport and rent.