The easiest way to attract customers - "word of mouth". Opening a travel Agency, please report it to friends. Part of the come to use your services.If customers are satisfied, they will recommend the company to friends because people use the services of the same travel companies. For several years, you will form a group of regular customers.
A cheap and effective way of attracting customers in the travel Agency may be contextual advertising. Typing in the search words, or otherwise associated with recreation and tour search, users will see the site of your Agency.Order website promotion through one of the companies specializing in contextual advertising. Often these services are provided by freelancers.
Create groups in social networks and blogs that will be posted interesting and attractive offers. Attract users who are interested in tourism. This can be seen in their list of interests. It is important that someone is constantly, almost 24 hours a day, looking through these groups and blogs, answering comments, giving advice, inviting new customers.Analyze their requests, because it can give food for thought on new ways of attracting customers. Some travel companies offer great discounts. Is it worth it to become one of these companies? Go the other way: let them know you have a new interesting itineraries for sightseeing tours.Customers think that the proposals of travel agencies differ mainly in price, not content. Prove that it is not.
Work on the name of the travel Agency. Not all attach to the naming of great importance, but the title works on your perception all day and night.Some of the travel agencies named corny. As a rule, anything with the prefix -round. If you create vivid, memorable name, this will give you an advantage.
The attractiveness of firms for clients sometimes depend on its location. It should be easy to drive - both by car and by public transport. If the travel Agency is in the courts, draw arrows on the pavement or hang signs on nearby houses that you can be easy to see. This also applies to firms that open in residential areas.Don't be afraid to arrange the travel Agency where she has competitors: the choices made by the people of the tour is that they usually visit at least 2-3 companies, to choose travel. Well, if your firm will be surrounded by their own kind.