If you are listening on headphones to the radio with amplitude modulation, to completely eliminate the noise will not succeed. Try, however, to reduce its intensity. To do this, apply a more sensitive receiver or connect to existing best antenna. Automatic gain control (AGC) reduces the gain of RF path, and the ratio of signal to noise ratio will change in favor of the signal.
If the noise in the headphones occurs when receiving a frequency-modulated signal, it can also be its insufficient level. In some receivers as the antenna uses the headphone cord. So work in particular built-in receivers, players and phones. Apply a headphones with longer cord or splice it if you have the soldering skills, or simply expand it if it is collapsed.
Noise in the form of wheeze may occur in the amplifier path during overload. Reduce the signal level on the amplifier input and amplifier with volume control increase the gain. The sound volume will not change, and the rattle will disappear.
If the level of the signal at the amplifier input is insufficient, the amplification factor necessary to increase excessively. Together with the useful signal begins to amplify the noise of the cascades, located before the volume control. In contrast to the previous situation occurs in the headphones don't rattle and hiss. To eliminate this phenomenon, reduce the gain with the volume knob, the signal level at the input of the amplifier increase.
The noise in the background AC occurs in two cases. The first of them - bad filtering of the supply voltage amplifier. To eliminate the noise, enhance the capacity of filter capacitors of the power supply, use it more perfect stabilizer. Another cause of background interference on the cable connecting the amplifier input to the source signal. Replace this cable with a shielded.
Noise in the form of ringing occurs in the headphones when the membrane strikes the hull. The reason for this can only be a overload emitter. Turn down the volume, and the sound will disappear. At the same time will decrease, if not disappear, and the risks to which the earphone is subjected to the user's hearing.