You will need
  • Microphone, computer
Check the cable of your microphone and Jack. Very often noise is created by the damaged cable that has broken contacts. Test the MIC with different cables to find the perfect option.
Make sure that there's no other microphones or devices which can create high frequency noise flowing through the speakers. Wind or any air fluctuations can also be a hindrance for normal operation of the microphone. In such cases it is recommended to use a windproof nozzle.
If you use microphone for recording on your computer, check volume settings entry in the configuration of your sound card. Adjust the volume to the optimum level.
Speak or sing directly into the microphone as close as possible to him. The less you amplify the MIC, the less noise it picks up.
If you record a sound on a computer, you will be able to handle your account with special filters to remove noises which are usually included with any audio editor. In addition, during recording, you can use EQ. For example, if you record a low deep voice, and the MIC captured the high-frequency noise, the EQ settings is a bit to remove the upper frequencies and add the bottom.