You will need
  • - the characteristics of the headphones;
  • - any audio editor;
  • driver;
  • - portable headphone amplifier.
Refine headphones: power, sensitivity and resistance. More powerful is not always louder. The sound output directly determines the sensitivity of the headphones, which must be at least 100 dB. Otherwise, there is difficulty when working on portable devices. Note that the resistance and capacity is inversely proportional to the value. Standard headphones are designed for 32 Ohm, and the device impedance of 16 Ohms have a higher acoustic power. And therefore, sound louder. If high-impedance headphones to connect to a portable player, the sound will be barely audible. Their purpose is stationary Hi-Fi and Hi-End appliances.
Check the inner adjust the volume on your music player. Turn the performance EQ on max. Note that this may increase the noise. If there is a controller on the headphone cord, look what he is situation. Set it to the max.
Reinstall the driver, if they are meant for your playback device. Usually this is done on computers. Check the volume settings available in the control panel. Push all levers up to the maximum level.
Test the headset with other sound sources. Perhaps the problems lie not in them, and that sounds.
Use the audio editor program to improve the quality of sound files. To increase the volume suitable for even the most simple programs, such as Free MP3 Cutter and Editor, mp3DirectCut, Music Editor Free. But be careful! Some editors can increase the volume only due to the limitation of the signal level and narrowing of its dynamic range. And this affects the quality of the sound.
Buy a portable headphone amplifier. There are many types of such devices designed to increase power and sound quality. However, this option is not considered economical. The price range starts from 1500 rubles and above.
Pick other headphones. Loudness perception depends on the type of construction, method of sound transmission and acoustic design of the headphones. Try and check for yourself plug-in ("ear"), vacuum ("gag"), patch (sound), wired and wireless, open or closed. For example, in open headphones sound deteriorates at high levels of external noise.