You will need
  • A set of sounds of different frequencies
  • A set of musical compositions of various genres to focus on certain frequencies
  • Recording with white and pink noise - on request
What is meant by the term "warming up"? The fact that the new headphone diaphragm is often not enough developed in order to properly convey the entire frequency range.
Yes, many may say that "warming" is a myth, and in fact there is no difference. First, it is necessary to consider in what condition the headphones were before buying. Sometimes, unopened products, no longer exists, and the sellers offer to buy the headphones from the stand. In cases of purchase from the stand the difference and some will not, because you listened to them quite a lot of people, and a diaphragm of speakers is already quite developed.
Certainly there are those who think that the first his headphone sounded bad, and then he got used to them. This version is, of course, has the right to life, but such a thing as an addictive in itself is purely subjective and cannot be a valid reason for denial of the meaning of the warm-up itself. Maybe not a habit here played a role, namely the development of the working surfaces of headphones.
Why developers don't allow the membranes of the speakers in the optimal condition in the first place? To answer this question is difficult and then, most likely, should apply either to the experts or to the manufacturer.
To warm up the headphones, there are many different ways, but choose any one and say that he is the best — impossible. Scientific justification for the superiority of one method over the other simply does not, and so you can choose any you like.
The first way is just without interruption listen to their music. Preferably louder. Several hours of such practice is enough for most models.
The second method is to find a collection of sounds to test the audio equipment. Usually, these collections use experts-audio, to check the sound of certain frequency ranges. Today to find such collections is not a problem, the main thing is to ensure that there were both high and low frequencies. So you develop headphones in all ranges.
The third way — some prefer to use for warm-up sinusoidal signals and also pink and white noise. It sounds computer generated according to certain rules. Sounding represent a uniform noise with small patches of low frequencies in the case of pink noise. White noise perceived by the human ear evenly, without emphasis on any frequencies.
In General, what method do you prefer, and use. Much to think about it not worth it.