The easiest way is to use high — quality headphones. The sound will be significantly better and more enjoyable. Use regular headphones with a connector minijack 3.5 mm. These are sold in any mobile phone shop or computer topics. It's simple: the more expensive the headphones the better they sound.
Headphones help you to enjoy music and movies with the laptop fully, but alone. To do this the whole company, you need to use external speakers. Choose a compact model that you can take with you in your backpack. They usually are powered by the USB port of the laptop or the battery. Such column is, for example, Logitech and Defender.
But real audiophiles and these measures may seem small. They are not satisfied with the quality of the built-in laptop sound chip. For such it may be advisable to use an external sound card. It also connects to the USB port of the laptop. Such a map will greatly improve the sound quality of the laptop. You can connect headphones, external speakers and a microphone.