You will need
  • Configure the mixer sound card, microphone, speakers or headset.
To remove the echo, you need to determine as a result there is a sound. Also it is necessary to determine whose side is the echo: with your or your companion. For this you can ask your opponent to lower the volume of his microphone, and also to disconnect all audio devices located near the computer. If the echo is not lost, you can safely proceed to action on the elimination of echo in your audio system.
If you are using separate speakers and microphone, try to change the volume of the speakers, namely lowering. Do the same with the volume control for the microphone, which is in the mixer. In order to start the mixer, simply double click with the left mouse button on the speaker icon in the system tray. First, adjust the overall system volume. The total volume should not exceed 70% in the mixer, and the microphone take up to complete disappearance of the echo.
You can also use a novation sound card function "Suppress echo"some sound cards, this is called "Optimal for agricontrol/IP-telephony".
After using all methods to change the settings of peripheral devices of sound, problems with echom should not appear.