Change the location of the appropriate equipment to improve the audio quality of the distortion or squeaks. View, it is not located near the speaker foreign wire or other device? Low sound quality may be due to electromagnetic interference. Get as far away as possible other wires and devices from the speakers.
Try to change the position of the sound card in your computer if possible. Cause the noise may be electromagnetic interference caused by new or improperly installed cards.
Make sure that the reason for the distortion is not associated with the hardware components. To do this, install another pair of speakers to test that sound problems are not associated with the use of passive speakers (i.e. no amplifiers). The noise and low quality sound can lie in it.
Check the distance your speakers are from the monitor. As they are very sensitive to electrical noise from a computer monitor, try to push them away. Near the monitor is never recommended to place the subwoofer, because their powerful magnets can not the best way to affect the image. To maximize the transmission of low frequency sound, subwoofers must always be installed on the floor.
Contact the supplier of your software if sound problems (stuttering/noise/static, etc.) only appear during the work with the certain programs or games, and in other cases absent. Not exclude such variant that the computer is simply outdated sound driver and need to download them the update.