The reasons for the quiet sound of the headphones very much. To start is to understand what to expect from the dynamics of the miniature exactly what larger, just not worth it. He can't handle it purely on physical and technical characteristics. It is also possible that the headphones simply don't have enough power. Try connecting via a special amplifier. It is inexpensive, and the quality and the volume increases significantly.The sound level can also influence and excessive ease. The sound actually goes in all directions. Not one way that could strengthen the volume. Besides, the big massive headphones would let you hear better sound.Moreover, you should pay attention to what cable is used to connect the headphones to the audio source. It needs to be shielded, to avoid interference, but at the same time have low resistance. Look at the design of the headphones. Vacuum headphones allow you to protect yourself from extraneous noise, to better hear the sound.If headphones is all right, worth checking the plug for headphones. It may not be very tight leads into the Jack of the headphones. This reduces the contact; naturally, the headphones will play quieter and worse.The problem could also be the computer's sound card. Check for signs of burnout, how tightly it is installed. Also worth checking the volume level on the computer by running the volume control located in the system tray. If wiggling the plug the sound disappears, the case in the socket of the headphones.Also the problem may be sound card driver. Reinstall it.