Causes of crackling in the speakers

Noises in the speakers can be caused by various reasons. It could be faulty hardware, problems with software or the influence of extraneous noise.

Quite often, the problem lies in poor contact. If there was a chafing wire, loose connector on the housing of the sound card or the musical center, even a slight movement of the cable will lead to an unpleasant cod.

The reason can serve as a powerful electrical equipment, working near the speakers. Sometimes acoustic system affected by disturbances in the electrical network. This can be a working fridge or even a neighbor with a hammer making repairs.

How to get rid of crackling in the speakers

In order to successfully solve this problem, you need to locate the fault. To start, try rotating the volume control. If from the speakers came the tangible crackle, it speaks of the need to replace the resistors of the regulator. If you are not confident in their abilities, better to consult a specialist.

Most often the cause of the crash lies in the wires and connectors. Cables are at times subjected to sudden jerks that leads to rupture of the veins or damage to the connector contacts. The easiest way to diagnose is to move the wire. If the cod increases — you are on the right track. Walk along the entire length of the wire, gently bending and unbending. The injury lived will be felt especially loud noise, or even complete loss of audio.

Finding such a place, cut out the damaged area. The free ends of the lived need to clean up, zaludit solder and carefully solder. To isolate it is convenient to use heat shrink tubing of suitable diameter, putting her on the free ends of the wires before insertion. SPAW wires, push on the exposed portions of the heat shrink and heat it with a soldering iron.

If the wire is intact, try to gently wiggle the plug in the connector. Loose connections will manifest itself as a crash. The faulty connector must be removed and bend. If the problem lies in the plug, it is easier to replace. For this you need to cut it from the wire and solder in a new one, keeping the color scheme.

Sometimes the cause of the crash may be other electrical appliances. For example, a powerful table lamp, standing close to the speakers. Or Wi-Fi router placed on the subwoofer, the body of which mounted amplifier. In this case you need to remove the source of interference away from the speakers.

Another possible source of crackling in the speakers is noise on the mains. Such noise is often sporadic and can change its frequency and amplitude. To combat such interference is necessary to use high-quality surge protector.

If your speakers connected to the sound card of the computer, crack may occur due to problems with drivers. Try installing the most recent version available for your hardware.

If you are using the integrated sound adapter, you have on the motherboard is connected the system speaker (PC Speaker and PC Beep), you need to disable it in the OS settings. Go to "Control Panel" and select "Sound". On the Playback tab, then right-click on "Speakers" and select the menu "Properties". Go to the "Levels" tab and disable the system speaker to remove the check mark next to the desired item.

The biggest problem is faulty hardware or a compatibility problem. Sound card can break and generate interference. In this case, it will help its repair or even replacement.