You will need
  • - a powerful semi-automatic welding.
To increase space for feet of the driver extend the frame at the back (for power unit). The degree of elongation is chosen individually and depends on the growth of the rider. In this case consider how you will lengthen the rear wheel drive. To perform chopper lengthen the frame front of the engine. Pedal control shift rod on the front of the engine. The height of the pedals pick up individually.
To install wider rear wheels to extend the frame. The experience of homebrew, do not install a wheel wider than 200-210 mm When such modernization is inevitable reworking of the drive to the rear wheel. For a beautiful appearance, change the angle of the front fork. Strive not: when the angle of inclination of more than 33 degrees sharply deteriorates the controllability of the motorcycle. Possible strengthen feathers, forks, yokes and the frame top tube.
For efficiency, the rear and improve the appearance install them with a slope. Note, however, that the greater the inclination of the rear shocks, the less the load capacity of the motorcycle. A steep slope leads to the fact that even a fragile passenger dangerous to put. Among other things, guide the lowering line of the seat, which is combined with the extended frame or raise the front of the frame.
Before perevalki motorcycle frames, purchase a sufficient experience in welding works. From the strength of the weld depends on the security of future design. All the extra pipe for the new design take only from other frames. Never use water because of low strength. When welding use powerful semi-automatic welding.
Please note that when welding the frame was adhered to the alignment of the front and rear wheels. For this weld the frame in the clamps, and finally brew only after a thorough check for evenness. Please pay special attention to the wheels rolling in the tracks. This requirement is so important for the safety of homemade design that for its implementation, you can forgo the crooked installed engine.