You will need
  • - plaster
  • - thin saw
  • - rude files
  • - sharp boot knife
  • - PVA glue
  • - epoxy glue
  • - fiberglass
  • - plaster
  • - emery emery cloth
  • - primer
Manufacture of foam required shape of the fairing. In the manufacture of mold fairing use rigid foam (for processing use the grater for vegetables). The shape of the fairing, it is recommended to choose in the form of cases closed (with cap). In this case think of how to make a frame, at least on the side that will be attached to the motorcycle.
After sizing, the cases cut with a thin saw along the parting line of the cover along with the foam shape. Ready shape try on the motorcycle at the point of attachment.
The resulting form of the cone must be luted. Use two-component polyester putty. If necessary, treat it with a file and sandpaper.
Form grease with mastic for rubbing parquet or paraffin dissolved in gasoline.
Fiberglass soaked in epoxy glue at a ratio of 1:1 (by weight). A sheet of glass and a piece of linoleum put fiberglass on it, pour in a thin stream over the entire surface, epoxy glue and smear it. Wait 3-5 minutes until the glue will impregnate the fabric. Then place it on a greased form, repeating, thus, 3-4 layers of fabric.
Wait for complete drying of the fairing. Prime and paint it. Fairing for your motorcycle ready!