You will need
  • - ignition system and carburetor VAZ-2106;
  • - welding machine;
  • - a set of wrenches.
A motorcycle engine usually requires no alterations. But the power supply system and ignition often do not satisfy the owners of the bike. To alter these systems install on the Dnepr electronic ignition from the VAZ-2106. Two full-time carburetor replace one with the same model of "Zhiguli". Technical characteristics of the motor much better. If desired, install the engine electric starter. Adjust the gear and you have problems with leaking engine oil.
After the move the engine to the frame. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, you can completely replace the frame of a homemade motorcycle. Or just weld the separate elements to give Dnipro strength or beauty. If you wish to increase the length of the motorcycle competently calculate and install the front and rear fork. To ride on a converted machine became softer, the rear suspension should stand a little higher than the front.
New motorcycle coloring depends on the material of the frame and the wall. Esoi you completely changed the frame, paint it the color of the engine. Exhaust pipe set new, tuned. In addition, you can install two or four exhaust pipes of any shape. On the exhaust pipes, check the plugs to the roar of "Dnepr" was not too strong. Redo gas tank – new can be welded from pieces of other tanks of the motorcycles.
For the stylish motorcycle shape and color of the tank, seat and wheels should be balanced. Therefore, consider how you will paint. The wings can be cut or, conversely, make the next one deeper. For wide and deep wings will fit thick wheel a La Harley. The front tire may be thinner and larger in diameter than the rear, but not Vice versa.
Saddle pick from any imported bike. If you wish to make a new seat think about it in the first place was comfortable and only secondarily – stylish. The ideal material for the saddle is a special leather that can be decorated with studs. The wheel vignette to match the style. Optionally, add a variety of accessories – bags, bags.
Install new headlights and taillights. Put a good audio system with multiple speakers. For longer trips, buy and maintain a radio station. Electrical circuit standard motorcycle not designed for a lot of consumers. Therefore, replace the battery with a higher capacity alternator and more powerful. Remove the old wiring and instead buy imported wire – this will increase the safety of Dnipro.