You will need
  • - working motorcycle;
  • - warm garage;
  • - locksmith tools, key;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - table with the vise;
  • - welding machine and electrode;
  • compressor for painting.
Before you start upgrading motorcycle, browse through magazines or websites with photos of new products of motorcycle technology. Choose for yourself the desired end result, for which you have enough technical capabilities. Try to calculate the time and money to the process of tuning spread over several years.
Disassemble the bike and thoroughly inspect all parts. The increase in speed requires mechanisms for greater reliability and coherence. Wash all components and assemblies, lubricate, replace defective.
If possible, extend the frame of the bike by 50-150 mm. it is possible to increase the length of the drive shaft or the front portion. Please note, the resistance of the oncoming air should be minimal, so you should not frame to expand. To dramatically change the frame cut into the pipe, and then cook again at the same time try to facilitate construction. When cooking frame note that the seam should be joined in one pass around the perimeter. To ensure the evenness of installation of wheels, cook frame in the clamps (otherwise the mismatch trace may lead to crash).
Footpegs put back, to be able to lean forward when riding. The passenger seat does remove, so as not to burden the design.
Make a stylish and unusual tank, using pieces and parts from the respective chasey several motorcycles. First clean the old tank of the old paint through grinding machines, replace the rusted areas of sheet metal with a thickness of 1 mm. Lock advanced tank threaded rods or studs. Weld overlay. To ensure the tightness of the tank, RUB special sealants or a mixture of aluminum powder with epoxy glue in the skim clean weld.
To facilitate construction, the decorative details make the fiberglass, saturating it with glue. First make a template from foam or other light material disposition, then apply cloth and soak it with glue, make a few layers. After drying, sanded and then top with a layer of enamel.
On the wheels I need tires that will provide maximum braking efficiency and control. Brakes should also strengthen to the traffic safety was the highest.