Think in advance what you want to give to her husband on his birthday. Whether it's a practical gift or a gift, dear heart, funny, touching, or very personal. If your husband loves extreme buy him a certificate for a parachute jump, for example.
In the pre-night slowly decorate the apartment. Hang your family photos, arrange flowers, attach balloons, spread out in secluded places small gifts – even in the course of the morning your husband finds and unpacks them.
Prepare a festive Breakfast consisting of your favorite dishes of your husband. The morning after his awakening congratulate and give him a gift. What a gift – the main or advanced, this is at your discretion. The main thing – to the morning from your spouse and you have established a good mood stayed for the whole day.
If your husband loves camping, and you have no cottage or a country house – book cottage in a picturesque location, which is next to the pond. It is desirable that this place was not far from your home. After a festive Breakfast, you can go to the place, to relax in nature, ride a boat, a little peace and quiet, to fry shish kebabs, and finish the day with a festive dinner and romantic night.
If your husband loves noisy companies and parties – book a Banquet hall at his favorite restaurant. Consult in advance with his friends and decide what scenario will be a festive evening, will discuss gifts, musical program. You can spend more than just a festive evening, and to organize a theme party, for example, in Hawaiian style. The highlight of the evening may be the presentation of the main gift and a cake with candles.