The most important element of the holiday is the preparation. Therefore you should devote much time to the organizing process. Listen to the wishes of the birthday boy about the scale and holding the birthday. Think and decide where you celebrate anniversary: café, Banquet hall. Maybe it will be a hostel, hotel or the bosom of nature. Then make a list of guests (friends, relatives, colleagues at work) and send them an invitation to the celebration.
Then consult with family: whether to engage the leading event or all can be arranged by ourselves. If you have decided to spend the holiday, then first make a script. If necessary, hand out the poems, songs, someone you want to attract to the preparations for the anniversary. Please note that guests will be of different ages. Therefore, there must be entertainment, contests, quizzes, games, so that everyone is happy and no one was bored. Prepare props, small prizes and surprises for participants who have completed the job. What is a celebration without music? So choose a suitable music repertoire.
The room in which you celebrate, decorate with balloons, posters and flowers. Hang at the entrance of a clean sheet of drawing paper and a few pens. Let your guests during the evening, write your wishes to the birthday boy. Don't forget about the table, consider it a serving. Discuss the menu, prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To finish the holiday with fireworks.
Prepare a gift to the celebrant. Let it be something unusual, for example, to make a film about the hero of the occasion, print a newspaper or make a collage etc. it is Now possible to realize any fantasy in life. The main thing that it was original and bright.