Think about what you you wanted more than anything to spend the day together, far from the bustle of the city, to go out of town or just wander around the city, looking in cafes, cinemas etc. Maybe you want a traditional romantic dinner, with candles and wine, or have long dreamed of going one day in an unfamiliar city. Let your loved about their desires in advance – perhaps he'll take your hint and organizes everything the way you want. In any case, the celebration will keep the element of surprise – you never know what he will decide to organize. But it will be exactly what you've always wanted.
Be open to experimentation – even if you used to celebrate day of birth together with family and friends, with a birthday cake and balloons make an exception this time. Transfer the celebration with guests the next day and save yourself from the hassle in organizing your holiday.
Try something new together on this day – parachute jump, river rafting, paragliding. The lesson must be extreme adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. What you will get through this together, will unite and bring you closer together. And in the evening you can sit in the cozy restaurant – let favorite will congratulate you and will present your gift will say everything what he wants to wish.
The simple celebration of the day of birth may be unusual and amazing if you spend it with beloved man. Dedicate yourself completely – Wake up in the morning and received the first portion greetings, go for a walk. Let your man take care of the main route, ride the boat, walk around the streets holding hands. Eat ice cream sitting on a Park bench – just like in my childhood. Climb to the rooftop and make it a festive lunch with wine and light snacks. And in the evening get a group together and "blast off" in a nightclub, moving rhythms. Returning home in the morning, you will be able to continue celebrating their day of birth (if not too tired) for two, soft music, a few glasses of wine, a relaxing bath and attention of a loved one.