Start to look for a gift for the day of birth for a loved one early enough that you have time to prepare the festive table and room decoration. Don't buy trivial things, like a shirt or tie. You know what your man interested. Maybe he collects coins or loves hunting, fishing, etc. Purchase that will require him doing. Such a gift you emphasize that you appreciate and share his passion.
Pre-arrange where you will celebrate the day of birth of a loved one and with whom. If the birthday boy loves the noisy company, in advance, invite people close to him. But don't tell him about this immediately, arrange a pleasant surprise.
Very fun to celebrate the day of birth outside the city, where you most of the time spend in the fresh air. So be sure to prepare a place for bonfires to be near it to warm up, sing songs and have fun, cook kebabs.
Consider also entertainment. It could be skating with the ice mountain or ice skating and playing snowballs in winter or boating in the summer. If financial possibilities allow, it is possible to organize a performance of the Gypsies.
Prepare easy and exotic dishes: do not over-eat on this day.
If you have decided to celebrate the day of birth together, then try to create a romantic atmosphere: candles, turn on soft music, wear the most beautiful and seductive dress.
Don't forget the birthday cake. It is better to bake your own hands.
Tell your man to love ordinary to-night he will remember forever. Place in the bedroom of a small candle in the shape of a heart. If you know how to compose poems, write a confession in verse form. You can write a touching words of love on a postcard or poster.
If you sing well, sing about love. Consider how you can capture this touching moment on camera or on the camera. Any loving person will be eager to keep in memory unforgettable day of birth and such an unusual Declaration of love.