Day of birth in nature. If you don't get out family out of town, it will be interesting to spend this auspicious day in nature. You can go on a village walk or rent a room at the recreation center, pre-decorating it with balloons and posters. If the husband loves fishing, make him company - he will appreciate it! Very exciting bike tours. In short, everything depends on your imagination.
Day of birth together. First, let's define some "evening program". Arrange husband evening Thai massage or Arabian night with belly dancing. Pre-pick the appropriate costume and think of a plan of action. This evening you should be mysterious, unpredictable, seductive. Create in the room a romantic atmosphere with candles and flowers. Don't forget about dinner or light snacks with champagne. This evening your husband should feel like a master. It would give him great pleasure. Continue the celebration in bed, this is a very diversifies sexual relationship.
Day of birth in the family. For someone family celebrations - an integral tradition. If the celebration you have invited relatives, you need to carefully prepare the menu of the celebration. Entertainment for holiday you can come up with the most becoming for the evening master of ceremonies, and it is possible to hire organizers to spend more time with guests and my husband and not worry that someone of the guests will be bored.
Day of birth in the circle of friends. If you know that my husband will be happy to celebrate the day of birth with his friends, throw him a great surprise: call and invite themselves all his friends to the feast in honor of his birth. Better if your husband is not going to know anything about your intentions, otherwise it will ruin the whole effect of surprise. In the day of birth under some pretext, you should take her husband to the place of celebration, where you will wait for all his friends. It is possible to involve everyone in the event: drawing up of contests, games, entertainment. Happy holiday you provided!