Advice 1: How to surprise her husband on their wedding anniversary

The most intimate occasion in a couple's life – the anniversary of the wedding. Regardless, you have lived in the status of legal spouses a year or twenty years, you can come up with a way to surprise your other half.
How to surprise her husband on their wedding anniversary
For doggistyle mark this day with a gift that will touch you both. Because the console, the car DVR or a new phone himself and so buy it. But the thing that will benefit you two – hookah, backgammon, set for sushi. If you increase the degree, you can choose bed linen with erotic instructions set for role-playing games, cute fur cuffs, aromatherapy massage facilities. It is obvious that the main gift you give him up for the night.
Active otdyha anniversary wedding decided to give romantic gifts. But who said that romance is always a calm and phlegmatic. Helicopter flight or hot air balloon, a diving adventure or a speleological excursion will give you the opportunity to confess each other in love on top, under water or underground.
Memorable visine worry if your budget right now does not involve big spending on gifts. Beautiful and sumalinog thing you can buy for little money or make your own. For example to make a photo collage from your pictures and print in the form of the big picture. Cover dinner, but not difficult, after cooking which you will want to fall down and sleep and easy: fruit, cheese, wine, canapés. This day is a great occasion to remember the romantic evening of the beginning of your novel.
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To surprise my husband in the day of your anniversary, make a bikini design. Juicy detail on your body will not leave him indifferent. To go to the salon just before the event, because the design remains unchanged for a short time.

Advice 2: How to arrange a surprise for her husband on their wedding anniversary

On every anniversary, you can please their loved ones, giving them some modest (or not too modest) gifts. Options can be many, you just have to think a little.
How to arrange a surprise for her husband on their wedding anniversary

How to surprise the spouse in a wedding anniversary

If you want to please her beloved husband in the day of the wedding, arrange a surprise for him. Most likely, if a romantic evening in your family - a tradition, ordinary candle light dinner will not work. It is better to choose some unusual place. It may be the roof of a multistory building or a forest glade, away from the city. In addition, some lakes now built a special floating pavilions that you can rent. Agree, such an amazing date night your spouse will remember for a long time.

For rent also can rent a limousine or some other luxurious car. Remember, maybe your favorite long wanted to explore the city by car, the Hummer brand? Become him for a magician and fulfill his heart's desire.
Rental cars in recent years has become quite popular as an evening spent in trips through the city, among a million bright lights are always impressive lovers.

Shaving cream and Cologne – not suitable

If you are serious to make the day very special wedding anniversary for your beloved unforgettable, you ought to consider various options of gifts, referring to the interests and preferences of your spouse.

Connoisseur of fashion trends and stylish things you can please branded watches, cufflinks, tie, belt or bag. These accessories emphasize the solid appearance of your men and will be able to guarantee the success of, for example, in the negotiations with potential partners.

An important factor in the choice of gift is a hobby of a loved one. If you're married to an avid hunter, climber, fisherman, or camper, giving all kinds of facilities to engage in his favorite thing, you will certainly delight her husband.
Who knows, maybe you too will become a lover of outdoor activities and will spend more time together for fun activities.

Present husband a gift certificate. It will give your spouse a lot of opportunities, for example, the chance to learn any foreign language or to learn any martial art, to buy some necessary things in a shop.

Wedding anniversary – intimate and romantic holiday for two. Cheer your man candid photo shoot, and even better, predefinite in front of him in a new sexy lingerie. Embody the most cherished erotic fantasies.

There are many variants of surprises for the spouse in a wedding anniversary. Follow the heart, arranging a holiday that day, and as a result you'll have a great fun.

Advice 3: What to gift husband on wedding anniversary: cotton to gold

Wedding anniversary is a family and individual holiday at the same time. To celebrate this event possible and necessary, since the entry into family life is one of the major and happiest moments in the life of every person, and on the holiday it is customary to give gifts.
What to gift husband on wedding anniversary: cotton to gold

Gift husband for a wedding anniversary can be done in accordance with his Hobbies and habits. The wife will appreciate a funny or unusual piece made with your own hands. My husband will be pleased to receive a gift with a value that only understand two. It is impossible to exclude from the list of useful and practical things – like a true host, he will be pleased with this gift. Traditionally taken to present the items corresponding to the name of the anniversary.

So, was an unforgettable first year of marriage and you can celebrate a cotton wedding. A gift from the wife under the title, must be made of cloth or textile. Fit shirt, Bathrobe, t-shirt, tie, underwear. The main thing that this thing was fashionable, came to her husband in style, color and style. You can forget about the traditions and to give my husband a romantic dinner at home by candlelight or in the restaurant.

Gift to husband on wedding anniversary, which occurred after two years, must be something to do with paper, since paper is the wedding. In addition to a well-known book can give a gym membership, a planner, a beautiful Declaration of love, decorated in a frame, a humorous collage of photographs, made with their own hands.

Three years later comes the leather wedding. Relationships become stronger and love stronger. Loving wife needs to take care of the gift of leather. It may be gloves, shoes, wallet, cap, belt, jacket and even leather pants, very sexy and attractive.

After four years of marriage gift husband for a wedding anniversary should be made of linen, because the wedding is called linen. Let it be bed linen or summer suit (now fashionable).

The first serious anniversary of living together - a wooden wedding. Five years lived together, it's time to give gifts made of wood. It may be a gift for a spouse, a nice bauble, reminiscent of the undying and the love of women. For example, wooden spoon, box for small items, key chain, beer mug barrel shaped, carved picture.

When the question arises – what to give to her husband on their wedding anniversary after six years of marriage, his wife should thorough approach to its solution, since it is a cast-iron wedding. Well, if the statue of metal is beautiful engraved with words of love. If husband watching their figure, it is possible to give weights. Lover of kebabs will fit a grill, even a gift. As a gift is to present a set of fireplace if the house or cottage has a fireplace.

Copper (woolen) wedding corresponds to seven years of life together. Woolen socks, a scarf or jumper associated arms of a loving wife makes a wonderful gift for my husband. Copper horseshoe or candlesticks from antique store many years will remind about the event. A heavy smoker can get a cigarette case of copper, a fisherman, any accessory, from a fishing store.

My husband's gift on the tenth wedding anniversary should be tin, as this anniversary is called tin or pink. Pewter figurines in the form of two lovers will remind the wife about the years spent together. A major gift appropriate for this date, would be dinner at an expensive restaurant, a trip to your romantic places.

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the joint happy life, decided to give the crystal or glass, it's crystal wedding. For a spouse, you can choose glass panels in the Cabinet or a pair of beautiful crystal glasses with the inscription corresponding to this event.

Porcelain wedding spent together corresponds to twenty years. For starters my husband can enjoy a tea or coffee porcelain couple. A more serious gift would be a trip to a resort, camping with entertainment, the script of which was made up of the spouse.

After 25 years marks the silver anniversary of the creation of a family. What to gift husband on wedding anniversary a quarter of a century? Of course, the silver ring as a sign of everlasting love. Appropriate to be a silver chain, watch well-known brand in a silver case.

The thirtieth anniversary of the start of family life pearl wedding. This memorable day can be presented to wife cufflinks and tie clip, made in pearly color. A good gift will be a symbolic Cup with the inscription "Pearl wedding". If you move away from the topic of pearls, the spouse will be happy with a modern gadget or accessory for your beloved car.

The Golden wedding anniversary of anniversaries. Gift for her beloved husband, let it be a gold ring or other jewelry made of gold. The most important is the love and tenderness that 50 years warm the hearts of two people.




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