60 years is an occasion to celebrate at home in the circle of family and friends, and in a big way in the restaurant. Best of all, if you are attentive children, to protect the birthday of unnecessary hassle. Besides, it can be bright and enchanting surprise.
Is to invite as many guests, among whom may be colleagues, and current and past work, schoolmates and even classmates, neighbors, old and new friends, best friends and just friends. The more people you invite, the more fun the party goes. Moreover, employees will feel their importance and the importance of his past years, he has managed to gather around him so many good people.
To decorate the Banquet hall is bright, because older people equate minimalism to poverty, but the splendor say about wealth. Let the tables are vases with flowers, the walls are decorated with greeting cards, wall Newspapers, posters with the words "60 years!".
Food should be a lot, mainly meat and vegetable. But it is worth considering the age jubiljara and familiar dishes to make as useful as possible. It is better to reduce the amount of oil, mayonnaise, spicy, fatty and heavy meals. This should take care, after talking with the chef.
Order on the feast of Toastmasters, and she will professionally arrange a fun show for all participants of the anniversary. Mandatory contests, dancing, funny ditties, performed in turn or in chorus. Possible erotic overtones, especially if the celebrant is male.
It is important that the mood of the event was most positive. For mood support, you can use various humorous greetings, for example, the award of the diploma with a funny text inside. Will delight the guests the actors playing, for example, the role of presidents of different countries, to congratulate jubiljara each in his own way. All this will give you unforgettable impressions and good mood for the whole evening.
But don't forget about the serious, sincere greetings, when I can Express all my gratitude to the man who today celebrates the anniversary. Let there be sound numerous achievements, life stories, funny and sad, but not necessarily the ones that will force you to feel the depth of past years.
Arrange for a professional photographer, so he could leave the memories of the anniversary not only in our hearts but in the photo album. Also this is important because it is rarely a simple Amateur could make beautiful pictures with feasts, particularly when participants are older people. But a professional will handle this task and will give you a separate story on photo paper.
Most importantly, ubular should feel constant attention and warmth from others. About it should not forget to continually show that we all gathered here just for him. In this case, the birthday boy, as indeed all the others, will receive from the celebration a huge charge of vivacity and energy, which can last until the next anniversary.