Advice 1: How to celebrate the anniversary of 60 years

Any anniversary is a lavish feast where there are many guests invited to have fun and constantly congratulate jubiljara. To celebration was held at the highest level, you need to take care of the program and to take into account the advanced age of the celebrant.
How to celebrate the anniversary of 60 years
60 years is an occasion to celebrate at home in the circle of family and friends, and in a big way in the restaurant. Best of all, if you are attentive children, to protect the birthday of unnecessary hassle. Besides, it can be bright and enchanting surprise.
Is to invite as many guests, among whom may be colleagues, and current and past work, schoolmates and even classmates, neighbors, old and new friends, best friends and just friends. The more people you invite, the more fun the party goes. Moreover, employees will feel their importance and the importance of his past years, he has managed to gather around him so many good people.
To decorate the Banquet hall is bright, because older people equate minimalism to poverty, but the splendor say about wealth. Let the tables are vases with flowers, the walls are decorated with greeting cards, wall Newspapers, posters with the words "60 years!".
Food should be a lot, mainly meat and vegetable. But it is worth considering the age jubiljara and familiar dishes to make as useful as possible. It is better to reduce the amount of oil, mayonnaise, spicy, fatty and heavy meals. This should take care, after talking with the chef.
Order on the feast of Toastmasters, and she will professionally arrange a fun show for all participants of the anniversary. Mandatory contests, dancing, funny ditties, performed in turn or in chorus. Possible erotic overtones, especially if the celebrant is male.
It is important that the mood of the event was most positive. For mood support, you can use various humorous greetings, for example, the award of the diploma with a funny text inside. Will delight the guests the actors playing, for example, the role of presidents of different countries, to congratulate jubiljara each in his own way. All this will give you unforgettable impressions and good mood for the whole evening.
But don't forget about the serious, sincere greetings, when I can Express all my gratitude to the man who today celebrates the anniversary. Let there be sound numerous achievements, life stories, funny and sad, but not necessarily the ones that will force you to feel the depth of past years.
Arrange for a professional photographer, so he could leave the memories of the anniversary not only in our hearts but in the photo album. Also this is important because it is rarely a simple Amateur could make beautiful pictures with feasts, particularly when participants are older people. But a professional will handle this task and will give you a separate story on photo paper.
Most importantly, ubular should feel constant attention and warmth from others. About it should not forget to continually show that we all gathered here just for him. In this case, the birthday boy, as indeed all the others, will receive from the celebration a huge charge of vivacity and energy, which can last until the next anniversary.

Advice 2: Where to celebrate an anniversary

Anniversary is a special day which is sure to remember and celebrate the good. However, this is a serious headache to the organization. First you need to decide where to celebrate.
Where to celebrate an anniversary
If you're going to commemorate that date, let the anniversary will be remembered and invited and him and his family! Typically the triumph this kind of celebrate at home or in the restaurant. Version of "house" not worth discussing, it should be clear that there will be a lot of headaches during the preparations for the celebration, during, and after the departure of the guests. Unlikely to enjoy a holiday in full. It is better to consider places to celebrate the anniversary pretty and nice.

Celebrate the anniversary outside the home

Traditional attributes of the anniversary celebration are considered to be bursting with treats table, a cascade of congratulatory toasts, chic decor, interesting show program and unobtrusive but timely service. Therefore, below we present the most common celebrations, adjusted for originality.

The simplest solution is a restaurant or a night club. Corny? It does not matter, at any party you can create a unique atmosphere, and the anniversary is no exception. Depending on the preferences of the celebrant can be conceived feast in the style of "retro" disco of the 80s, Jamaican parties and even the pioneer celebration. For example, selecting as the venue of a jazz club, a theme emerges of itself.

Tired of restaurants and clubs? To celebrate the anniversary is original and even fun! And it will be cafes, stylized Russian hut, a private club, where guests will find everything your heart desires, outdoor pond or a picnic – it depends on the time of year and the decision of the celebrant.

In almost every city there is a pond, floating on the anniversary of the ship to be remembered and the guests and the celebrant.

If you have good budget, you can invite your guests to another country and to organize a celebration the envy of all!

Exotic places to celebrate

If the traditional an anniversary do not fit, we offer you to surprise the guests and extraordinary occasion. Dinner in the sky, triumph in the circus or the ice Palace, a party on the volcano or the feast of the tram are just a few of the options exotic anniversary.

And yet, sometimes the guests don't remember the place where was celebrated the anniversary, but always remember the emotions and the mood that accompanied the holiday. Knowing the preferences of the celebrant and with some imagination you can come up with and organize a holiday that will be remembered until the next anniversary.

Advice 3: How to celebrate men 60 years

In 60 years, many men take well-deserved rest. This date not only brings the end of the employment period, but also opens a new life page. There is a lot of free time, start time of peace. This anniversary is particularly noteworthy. How to spend the celebration interesting and fun?
How to celebrate men 60 years
The most important element of the holiday is the preparation. Therefore you should devote much time to the organizing process. Listen to the wishes of the birthday boy about the scale and holding the birthday. Think and decide where you celebrate anniversary: café, Banquet hall. Maybe it will be a hostel, hotel or the bosom of nature. Then make a list of guests (friends, relatives, colleagues at work) and send them an invitation to the celebration.
Then consult with family: whether to engage the leading event or all can be arranged by ourselves. If you have decided to spend the holiday, then first make a script. If necessary, hand out the poems, songs, someone you want to attract to the preparations for the anniversary. Please note that guests will be of different ages. Therefore, there must be entertainment, contests, quizzes, games, so that everyone is happy and no one was bored. Prepare props, small prizes and surprises for participants who have completed the job. What is a celebration without music? So choose a suitable music repertoire.
The room in which you celebrate, decorate with balloons, posters and flowers. Hang at the entrance of a clean sheet of drawing paper and a few pens. Let your guests during the evening, write your wishes to the birthday boy. Don't forget about the table, consider it a serving. Discuss the menu, prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To finish the holiday with fireworks.
Prepare a gift to the celebrant. Let it be something unusual, for example, to make a film about the hero of the occasion, print a newspaper or make a collage etc. it is Now possible to realize any fantasy in life. The main thing that it was original and bright.
Before the holiday is to get together and rehearse - then overlap on the appointed evening, will be less.
Useful advice
Define responsibilities at all - let everyone as their forces will take part in the preparation of the event.
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