For a start, think of where you would like to spend this holiday. Do it best together with your spouse, so how can it be that you from the breadth of soul are ready to lead guests in a chic restaurant, and the husband wants to celebrate his birthday in the pub with a beer, toast and a huge plate of meats. In any case, in whatever institution you decide to celebrate, reserve your table so the evening was not spoiled by the search space.
If your husband is a couch potato, arrange a party for him at home. Guests are not necessarily to hide behind chairs and jump out shouting "Surprise!", when the celebrant enter the room. The most important thing for men during the feast is a rich table. So a good hostess should take care of it. If you love to cook, you will be able to make meals on their own, if not, don't risk the health of family and friends - order your favorite dishes at your nearest restaurant or cooking.
The birthday celebration can be combined with active rest. To host a party are now offered by many paintball clubs, to have a great birthday can be in the billiard room, and bowling alley. Fans of outdoor recreation can leave to celebrate on a weekend camping, pre-arranging a scenic place where you have never been. If you know that your husband loves paintball or bowling, a birthday party will delight him.
One of the highlights of the celebration is the presentation of gifts. A loving woman is to attend to this in advance and to give her husband the most unusual, desirable and unique gift. Perhaps your man for several years, dreams of puppy dogs, or a child wants a gun for underwater hunting, no matter what anything bigger roach in the nearest body of water is not found. Oschastlivte your man a dream come true, and it will be another year to tell your friends that you are the perfect woman.