You will need
  • - Sandpaper;
  • - Pumice stone;
  • - Scissors, razor;
  • - Bleach;
  • - Q-tip.
To wear out jeans with sandpaper, put them on and RUB with emery cloth. Can be used as fine sandpaper, and rough – the effect will vary.
To put on jeans can be rubbed with pumice stone ordinary until you achieve the desired result.
Lay the jeans on the table and rastrapati them with scissors or razor blades until a filament and will not appear artificial holes.
Dilute bleach in hot water and put it in his jeans. They will be bleached unevenly, creating the effect of antiquity.
Use a cloth soaked in undiluted bleach, dry jeans in several places, or carefully RUB them. You can use bleach to put pictures and letters on the denim fabric, cutting them with a stencil.
With the help of a cotton swab also dampened with the bleach, you draw an artificial stains, drawings, wear out the edges.