Advice 1: How to write a petition of employment

The application of employment may require the employee to provide to the court, the traffic police, if there is a question on deprivation of rights, to the Department of education of administration when considering an application for obtaining the permit in a kindergarten or in other cases. It implies the sense of the surety of the organization which employs the person for his business and moral qualities, which involve some relief and benefits.
How to write a petition of employment
For writing petition, be sure to use the letterhead of your organization, stating her full name, legal address, contact numbers, Bank details.
In the address part write the name, initials, position of the head of the organization, which written motion, her full name, postcode and email address.
Under the address write the word "Motion" and specify the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, who is writing this document. Also reflect in the title of this part of his position and work experience in your company.
The petition is essentially a request to provide leniency or select the person from among the other eligible for receiving any allocation of the benefits. Your task is the most flattering and compelling way to describe your employee's and vouch for the name of your company for his business and moral qualities. If this is a petition to the court, it may even depend on the severity of the sentence.
In any case, start with a description of the career of your employee, mention those enterprises in which he worked before started to work for you. Tell us how his business ability and hard work affect the discharge of his official duties. Emphasize how valuable it is for your business.
Tell us about his moral character, on authority that the employee enjoys among colleagues. Reflect its participation in some public organizations, provide them with humanitarian aid.
If we are talking about the allocation of the apartment, getting directions in kindergarten or vouchers for health resort treatment, not the superfluous will tell about the family circumstances and housing conditions, which are home to the employee. Mention and list the persons who are dependent on him, the degree of kinship, age.
Specify, what purpose is given to the petition. Sign it by the head of the organization, assure him in the personnel Department and the legal Department. Put the company's stamp and the date of signing.

Advice 2: How to write a petition to the court

Russian procedural law provides for the right of persons involved in the case, to apply to court with petitions. A petition called the petition of the applicant, addressed to the court.
How to write a petition to the court
The need the statement application can be very different: you have a sick child, you can't be present at the hearing and want it postponed or held without your participation; you refuse to provide any document required for the consideration of the case, and you're asking the court to claim it; you do not trust the composition of the court and ask the judge to withdraw from hearing the case, etc. as a General rule, the petition shall be submitted in written form. However, if you are present at the hearing, you can state it orally, and your motion will be recorded in the minutes of the hearing.
The court is obliged to consider your application, but is not obliged to satisfy. Therefore, any application must be well motivated. The report should specify the reasons why you are asking the court to take some action. The petition may be accompanied with documents supporting your position. For example, if you seek to adjourn the court meeting due to your illness, you must attach to the petition a copy of the sick list or reference about your being hospitalized.
The rigorous demands of most applications does not exist. When writing an application it is advisable to adhere to the same rules as when writing of the claim: indicate the name and addresses of persons involved in the case, name of judge, case number, under which the application is made. The following is the petition itself and the circumstances justifying it. The petition must be signed by the applicant.
Some petitions based on the claim, the disqualification of a judge, to issue a duplicate writ of execution, etc.) the law imposes special requirements. You can find it in the relevant procedural codes.
Typically the statement applications not subject to state duties, however, the tax code provides the following exceptions from this rule:
- when filing an application for securing a claim (for cases before the arbitration court) – 2000 rubles;
- upon the filing of the petition for re-issuance of copies of judicial acts, court records, copies of other documents from the case issued by the court, and when applying for the issuance of duplicates of Executive documents - 4 roubles for one page of document but at least 40 roubles.

Advice 3: How to write an application for awarding employee

The petition for rewarding of the employee or a view to the encouragement of worker - the most common form of motions. Such a motion is contemplated in the system of HR administration organizations and government agencies.
rewarding employee
When writing this document will note that the wording "preparation of petitions for rewarding of employee" does not mean drawing up the petition. In the normative acts, regulating the procedure of awarding of workers, understood as the preparation of the petition by the entire staff, and certain types of instruments, provide instructions on paperwork or other documents.
If you intend to include in the system administration of the petition to the promotion, the development of consider some of the details: be sure to take the place for the credentials. They depend on anyone to shape. This request is made by the head worker, but do not indicate in the petition the data, access to which has only the personnel Department. Enough for him the General information that is known to the Manager of the employee.

If you include graphs for more information, for example, the experience of work in the organization, etc., that they populated with the employee of the personnel Department after receiving a partially completed application by the employee's leader. And then do not forget to specify who should fill in this section.
Consider the petition site for information about the availability of employee unexpunged disciplinary action.

Provide graphs for a quick worker characteristics. If you do not involve to specify what kind of promotion you want to apply to the employee, formulate a common proposal on the application to employee award without specifying which.
The application form will provide a place for the signature of the employee who made the petition.

And if you want to Express your attitude to the request, in the development of application forms leave room for the expression of a specific solution or conclusion.
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