For writing petition, be sure to use the letterhead of your organization, stating her full name, legal address, contact numbers, Bank details.
In the address part write the name, initials, position of the head of the organization, which written motion, her full name, postcode and email address.
Under the address write the word "Motion" and specify the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, who is writing this document. Also reflect in the title of this part of his position and work experience in your company.
The petition is essentially a request to provide leniency or select the person from among the other eligible for receiving any allocation of the benefits. Your task is the most flattering and compelling way to describe your employee's and vouch for the name of your company for his business and moral qualities. If this is a petition to the court, it may even depend on the severity of the sentence.
In any case, start with a description of the career of your employee, mention those enterprises in which he worked before started to work for you. Tell us how his business ability and hard work affect the discharge of his official duties. Emphasize how valuable it is for your business.
Tell us about his moral character, on authority that the employee enjoys among colleagues. Reflect its participation in some public organizations, provide them with humanitarian aid.
If we are talking about the allocation of the apartment, getting directions in kindergarten or vouchers for health resort treatment, not the superfluous will tell about the family circumstances and housing conditions, which are home to the employee. Mention and list the persons who are dependent on him, the degree of kinship, age.
Specify, what purpose is given to the petition. Sign it by the head of the organization, assure him in the personnel Department and the legal Department. Put the company's stamp and the date of signing.