You will need
  • - The code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation;
  • - personal data and address of the place of residence of the plaintiff and defendant;
  • the details of such witnesses;
  • - details of the court case;
  • - information about the case (number, content).
In the header of the application enter the full name of the court in which the case is heard. Write personal data of the plaintiff (the person filing in court of another person or group of people), the address of his permanent place of residence in accordance with the information in the passport. Surname, name, patronymic of the defendant (the person charged with any illegal act), full address of his residence.
Enter the number of the civil case that is assigned to pre-trial authority. In the middle write the name of the document that corresponds to the request to call witnesses to the court.
In the content of the petition, list the case number. Brief write the contents of the claim. Then write that you submit to the court information that are the justification of claims or objections and think it necessary to call the following witnesses. Then specify the personal details of each individuals who have concrete information of relevance to the present case.
List the facts and circumstances that might verify these witnesses. Referring to article 35, 55 and 69 of the Civil procedure code, ask the court to call on the hearing of individuals.
Write personal details of each witness, the specific facts and circumstances of the case. Enter the addresses of their places of residence. Specify the number of witnesses, the attendance of which you wish to provide.
Depending on which party writes the application, indicate from the suggested words: plaintiff, defendant. Write personal details of the person who wishes to state witnesses in court. The petition shall be signed by the claimant or the Respondent.
The petition sent by mail. In this case, a seal registered letter with the investment inventory. This is done in order to proof of delivery document. The motion is transmitted directly to the judicial authority. In this case, make it two copies, one of which remains in court, the second is you have on hand. To confirm it is stamped with the date and signature of the person who made it.