Prepare documents to prove your eligibility for additional living space. These documents include:
- certified copies of passports of all members of your family;
- marriage certificate and birth certificates of children;
- cadastral plan of the apartment and the extract from the house register;
- income certificate of employment (Form 2-NDFL) all members of your family;
- records of all family members (or other documents with your most recent job if you are not working);
- certificate from the Bank about the interest on deposits (if any);
- information about your existing property (if any).
If your family has benefits, then you have the right to extraordinary receiving housing on the basis of the documents confirming them. Note: in some regions, you must first contact the social security authorities to confirm the status of the poor and in need of housing help, as well as confirming the right to extraordinary receiving housing (reference). These documents can be obtained at the social security.
After the documents collected, contact the city administration with the statement. Write in the upper right corner on the name of someone you are writing a statement (to the head of administration or, for example, to the head of Department of housing policy, depending on the region). Specify his / her name. Write the name of someone prepared statement (list name of all members of your family, needing improvement of living conditions), registration address, contact phone numbers.
Ask the representative of the administration on recognizing you as a needy family (not all regions) and on the improvement of housing conditions. Next, be sure to provide the accounting norms of housing that is valid for your region, and the discrepancy of their numbers your family. List all members of your family (name, nature of relationship, passport details). List all of your family entitled to benefits (with indication of number of certificates, permits, certificates and titles of these documents).
If your family has owned the property, then, first, it must be taken into account in the calculations of norms of living space for 1 person, and secondly, the statement must be given its estimated value. If your family have an extra source of income, be sure to include them.
Mark the date and signature. If the family has minor children or incapacitated relatives, for them undersign relatives power of attorney obtained from a notary.