What is the application

The petition is addressed to the court a request to perform certain procedural actions. The petition can state as a party to the proceedings and other participants in the judicial process. Petitions are given in written and oral forms. To petition before court hearing, filing it through the office of the court, either at the time of the hearing.

Which may relate to the petition

Motions can say on a variety of issues relating to the progress of the case in court. For example, if it is necessary to adduce additional material, the party goes to court the corresponding petition. At the request of one of the parties in the case, an expertise. Applications shall be submitted and when it is necessary to postpone the hearing or suspend the proceedings.

Solving the issue of the petition, the court shall hear the opinion of other participants in the process. Upon review of the petition, the court may make a separate definition. For example, the plaintiff filed a petition for replacement of the inadequate Respondent. In the event of his satisfying the court decides, in accordance with which it comes in new party.

How to make a petition

A written request is made in the following way. In the header of the document shall identify the court, judge, case number and litigant-petitioner. In the header of the petition in a few words describe its essence. For example: "Motion for the admission of documents to the case materials".

In the main part of the petition in condensed form describes the circumstances which led to contact with him. If the petition is for the purpose of the examination, it must specify the issues which the party wishes to put for consideration by the expert. In addition, the application may contain a reference to legal norms that have guided the party in its filing. In conclusion, the application should contain a request that the court certain actions.

The petition must be signed by an authorised person. If it is filed by a representative, the application shall be accompanied by a copy of power of attorney (except in cases when it is already in the case file).

The person filing the motion is entitled to attach to it copies of certain documents. In this case their list is also presented in the petition. If the document is large enough, the motion to indicate the total number of sheets in them.