You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money for the payment of fees for the paperwork.
Find address and phone number of the Bureau of technical inventory in your city. In large cities, e.g. in Moscow, there may be several. In this case, contact the BTI of the area where your home. Find ' BTI is possible through Internet search or contact a real estate Agency, if you sell the apartment.
Call you found the Bureau and verify they have business hours for reception of applications for registration of the plan of the apartment. If possible in your BTI, sign up to apply by phone.

If the telephone recording is not possible, come to their office personally. Come some time before the beginning of work, time to take a turn. A large number of visitors is a frequent occurrence to BTI.
Apply for registration of plan of the dwelling. To do this, complete the application, which will give you officer, and you must have a passport and, in the case of remodeling your apartment, the project of the upcoming changes. For housing located in Moscow, will also need to present an authorization of the head of the district Council to redevelop.
Pay the cost of the service according to the receipt issued by the employee of BTI. Depending on the city, this can be done either in building the BTI at the box office or at any Bank. After payment, you will receive a paper with the date and time of the Commission's visit to your home.
On the date specified in the documents, stay at home and provide unobstructed access of members of the BTI in your home.
After inspecting your premises, check with the staff when there will be a plan ready. On this day, come to the BTI passport and take your plan with the appropriate window dealing with the issuance of the ready documents.