If you want to buy the land on which the burned building is listed, collect all documents confirming that the building no longer exists: certificate of fire control, the cadastral plan for the plot, the conclusion of the Committee of BTI, the plan of the houseand topographic renting a houseand plot. If all these securities will be issued, the site will recognize undeveloped and it can be freely bought and obtain a building permit. Please contact the city Office of architecture and write a statement. You will be given a list of required documents, and then the desired resolution. Self-building is illegal and has heavy fines and even demolition of the building.
If the house isn't fully burned and the Commission recognized it as existing, try to track down the former owner and negotiate with him. Help to find the owner can extract from the state registry of owners. If to find the owner failed, it is possible to submit an application to the court in order to admit the house is vacant, as there is no one living for a long time and coordinates of the owner is unknown. Rather, the court will be on your side, especially if the building is unfit for life. Then you will be able to acquire the land, demolish the ruins and start the new construction.
If your house burned down, and you are not the owner of the land on which it stood, according to article 39 of the land code of the Russian Federation, you shall retain all rights in this site for up to three years, provided that you begin restoration of the building. That is, if you take the detuning of the burnt or destroyed buildingand you will remain the owner of the land. If you don't want do to recover the housing, at least get permission to rebuild on paper.
The most difficult situations arise when the burnt house belonged to several owners, especially in the case if one of them died during the fire. To sell a share in such residential area is possible only with the permission of all other owners, but if you are one of them are unable to find a claim they will be able to apply only within three months from the date of the transaction. The loss caused to you by a fire the damage must compensate the legal heirs of the victims of the perpetrators of the fire, which investigators found.