Advice 1: How to surprise your friend birthday

If you thought to surprise a friend birthday, he choose a gift or surprise that will really bring joy. Not otdelyvatsya stock phrases and presentation of perfume, a hair dryer or another set of dishes. Do not have to spend on a gift of a large sum of money, because the value of a gift does not depend on its value. Enough to have the desire, imagination and some free time.
How to surprise your friend birthday
Record congratulatory video. You can create and submit a short film. You need to collect interesting pictures (children, with friends, with family, with Pets, in General, very different) and videos ( holidays, birthdays and other memorable or funny events) and mount them. Especially fun to see this video if birthday are friends. Choose fun and beautiful music that matches the visuals. You can also insert congratulations from relatives and friends, recorded in advance. So you don't just congratulate the other happy birthday and cheer up the guests, but also leave an entry in the memory.

Make unusual and fun greeting on the paper. Team up with friends and using all your artistic abilities and imagination, prepare the gift. Congratulations can be issued in the form of a diploma, certificates, large greeting cards, a scroll, a pop-up book or poster. Stick pictures, write poetry, add caricatures or cartoons. You can leave room for the wishes of those relatives and friends who were not involved in creating the show.
Surprise a friend indeed present. After all, each person has an explicit or secret passion. Usually it is not so necessary to spend money from the family budget. Remember this passion when you choose a gift. If your friend is an avid bibliophile - give him the book that he's been looking to buy but was hesitant. The angler will be pleased to receive the gift of a good spinning reel, traveler, any camping equipment, extremelu - parachute jump or flight in a wind tunnel. In short, to each his own - what he passionately wants.

Act out each other. Gifts-jokes are still very popular today. If you've played you know the person you will be enough just to simulate the situation in which he will never suspect a trick. Ask friends, acquaintances and even relatives to play along (to help) you. You can capture the whole process on video. And then this greeting will continue for years to come. If you believe that you can't be yourself, please contact the Agency organization of holidays, there will help you for sure.

Please note the existence of such services as the manufacture of confectionery products to order. You can use it and present the birthday boy with a delicious present - a cake with his photo or name of their favorite team. The options are endless. You need to call (email) to the selected company, to articulate his desire, to negotiate the composition of the product, to inform weight, address and date of execution of the order and leave the coordinates for communication. On the appointed day, you will only have to pay (if not prepaid) and pick up the order.
And you can diversify the process of donation. Give a birthday gift in the image of the hero of the tale, cartoon or movie. Act out a scene associated with the presentation of a present. Engage friends and relatives. Your friend will surely appreciate it and be pleasantly surprised.

Advice 2: How to surprise boyfriend birthday

Difficult to surprise her beloved boyfriend, if you've been together for years. However, ideas of unusual greetings thousands, just need to give vent to their imagination. Organize an unusual holiday, you don't just congratulate your man, but will also strengthen your relationship. Here are a few ways to surprise boyfriend birthday.
How to surprise boyfriend birthday
Try to do something with their hands. Even change of type of postcards made by yourself will bring him much delight. If you can draw, draw a portrait of his men. You can write a book about the happy moments spent together, if you add a joint owner of the photo will be more interesting. You can also write a song or poem.
A win - win is to dance the dance. Buy some beautiful suit and a couple of DVD disks, dancing (in order to practice a little, you can choose either a belly dance or strip dance. Make and decorate a large model of a cake made of cardboard, in the most unexpected moment appear out of it, performing a wonderful dance. The guy will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the gift.
If your beloved prefer extreme, give him a parachute jump. You can also arrange a small tour of the city. For example, take a map and mark on it the places where there will be a hidden surprise, and of course he will have to look for them with you. For example, the first destination is a Park where you can ride horses. Next store where the seller gives a gift to your beloved, of course, the seller will need to agree in advance. At the end you get to cafes, restaurants or saunas, where many friends happily congratulate happy birthday to your man and you are all together to celebrate the holiday.
A pleasant surprise for the guy to be the tattoo on your body. Do not have to make a permanent tattoo, you can do a temporary one that in two weeks will disappear without a trace. The tattoo, of course, must be associated with your loved one, may his name or a picture dedicated to him.
To surprise, you have to give something very expensive or very original. If the amount doesn't matter, you can give a new mobile phone, PDA, or other toys for the big boys. Budget guitar, skating, fishing rod, etc. If the young person does not know how to skate, the gift will be more interesting because as soon as the opportunity he will want to learn.

Advice 3: A surprise guest at her birthday

Birthday despite the well-known song should not be a sad occasion. Regardless of the age of birthday, number of guests and venue, birthday carries a positive charge, vivacity and a bit of magic. And the best gift for a birthday are the smiles and admiration of the guests.
A surprise guest at her birthday

Holiday themed

Surprise your guests themed party. For example, birthday party in gangster style. Send an invitation in the form of leaflets with an inscription: "Wanted..." and his picture. Decorate the venue of the attributes in the spirit of the mafia in Chicago. Think of tenders, and prepare the props.

In addition to the gangster, you can use the explore cowboy-themed, etc.

Swipe the Olympics named after himself, arranging for guests to race on a short distance around the yard and other types of Olympic sport, be adjusted to them under the scale of your event. Don't forget about the medals. The comic coin can be bought in any joke shop and creative gifts.

You may not have time to celebrate Halloween. Arrange a birthday coven evil. Invite guests to dress in costumes of witches, vampires, or zombies. Bring in the victim of the failures of the past year in the form of paper dolls, which will be written by all your frustration.

Try also to fall in childhood and invite your friends to the "baby boom". Let everyone dress up babies, and cocktails are served in bottles with nipples.

Can surprise your guests with black humor and play in a psychiatric hospital, where some imagines himself to certain historical figures, while others will be in the role of doctors to feed them sweet pills and to prescribe how many tablespoons of a salad every sick person should eat.

Or arrange a resort with an inflatable pool full of special balls. Can be filled with water provided that it is the first floor (so you don't accidentally flood the neighbors) and you advance to lay the oilcloth on the floor (so as not to ruin your floors).

Cut-out cardboard large format palms and attach them on the wall and on the chandelier, hang a cardboard sun. Will just have to buy a chic bathing suit to walk in it among the guests, as on the catwalk.

Dishes of the highest class

Learn the original recipes and practice cooking delicious dishes. For example, for dessert you can make Chinese fortune cookies inside. Let every prediction will be fun, so no one is left without a ray of your joy.

Bake an unusual cake, try to make home-made liqueur or mix interesting cocktails. Don't be afraid to experiment in all areas of cooking.

Gifts to all guests

According to tradition, the birthday boy decided to give gifts. Update the tradition and surprise each guest with a symbolic gift from yourself. Gifts can be different in color and form, but not necessarily in the same price range, not to offend anyone. And guests will be happy and you in their eyes will look for an owner.
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