You will need
  • - ropes;
  • - small berries;
  • - packaging for gifts;
  • - fragments;
  • - ingredients for a hell of a cocktail.
Jokes can begin a few days before the holiday. If your friend is young and has his girls, agree with familiar and unfamiliar to you young ladies to do the trick. Here is its essence: you constantly monitor the whereabouts of the man calls, knowing exactly where he is, send the girl to meet him (all pre-show podgovorennye your friend in secret) and Declaration of love at first sight. Within a couple of days, so a few beautiful creatures will assign your friend a date. These girls will all be invited to a party on the occasion of the birthday of a friend, of course, he won't know about it. Imagine his surprise when he opened the door!
In advance agree with all invited to wrap gifts as carefully as possible. Put boxes in large box, not forgetting to pack each in a rustling paper. On the last box wrap several metres of bright ribbon and tie a variety of bows. Unhappy birthday is simply "happy", turning so the wrapped gifts.
If your friend collects beer mugs, loves a good gin is expensive or rare wine, tell him that he found a copy, a fugitive wanted by collector. This long-awaited gift just put in a bag, and pack in a festive box of shards of a bottle. When a friend open the door your step on the threshold, and to drop a box that will fall with a thunderous for a buddy jingle of broken glass. Do not rush to give him a real gift - even if enough to hit my head against the wall.
Prepare the recipe for a festive cocktail. To do this, take a large wide pan, put into it many small vessels. Hoisted the container on a serving table and solemnly take the ingredients in the bottles with the words: sulfuric acid, rat poison, frog legs, brake fluid and other strange things that will cause fear and disgust of the guests. Pour it all into the pot, as if mixing. In fact, to avoid undesirable reactions, different substances in different small containers inside the big one. Have a birthday and get hell of a cocktail, invite him to drink.If the friend refuses, athlonite drink yourself with a hurt look. The secret of drawing is simple - among other bottles in a pan put a bottle of ordinary lemonade!
In advance agree with the girl and the guy invited, they will participate in the draw. Before you set the table, invite a friend to the contest. Pretty girl stripped to her underwear, put it on the table and lay on her body berries and whipped cream. Buddy, fasten your eyes, spin on the spot and offered to find a table with refreshments, to not using hands to assemble the dessert lips. At this time, the guy undresses to trunks and falls on the girl, he quickly poured everything that was on the participant. Your friend, finding a table, looking for a mouthful of berries and cream, collects them from the body of a young man. When everything is eaten, the eyes of the birthday boy untie. In any case, move away from him.